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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just life as usual

Well I really wish I had something of great importance to tell you all, but things are pretty much life as usual. The wife is not on Clomid so there is no fun drama to talk about. I could go into a lot of detail on the sprinkling system I am putting in, but that would just bore everyone. My wife is planning some baby showers, since everyone we know and their dog is pregnant. My only worry about this is that in shopping for gifts for other people's babies, she is bound to find something she will want to buy for the child we don't yet have. The other problem is now that there is a baby shower to be hosted at our house, I have been given a list of things that must be accomplished (rooms painted, front yard finished, new fireplace, possibly new get the idea). So that is what I will be spending the next few weeks doing. Aren't you excited for me!!

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Anonymous said...

Gonna need an update soon!!