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Friday, March 30, 2007

We might get insurance

We have had some good things happen and some bad things happen this past week. The bad is that I got laid off of my part-time job. It was the job that I was able to use the computer a lot so it is going to be a bit harder for me to post for the next couple weeks. The good news is that my wife got a part-time job and they are going to give her benefits!!! This means when we do get pregnant we might not have to come up with all the money like we thought we would!!! Yeah!!! The new job has been good for my wife because it keeps her busy and keeps her mind off the baby stuff all the time. Well, gotta run. I will keep you posted on how this month goes for us.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

NY Clinic Uses Wrong Sperm

So, my fear of having the wrong sperm used in artificial insemination doesn't seem so silly anymore. A couple recently filed a malpractice lawsuit against a fertility clinic they went to because the baby they had, by way of IUI or in-vitro, is physically darker in color than both parents. The case is in court and the parents claim that they have done an at-home DNA test and two professional laboratory DNA tests and all three confirmed that the baby's DNA does not match the father's. It will be interesting to see what the judge rules on the case. So far the damages the couple are seeking have not been stated. If you would like to read the news article about this case CLICK HERE

Monday, March 19, 2007

Remodel and a Vacation

It has been a little while since I posted last. The wife and I are working on a little remodel for our living room. It is nice to have something to take your mind off the baby stuff for a while. My wife has been dying to paint an accent wall in our living room. I on the other hand have been trying to talk her into just leaving it the way it is...mostly because I don't want to do the work. Needless to say, the hormones kicked in and my wife won. So we bought some paint and painted the wall. Now this is where we should have stopped, but because we were in work mode we thought, "hey, while we're at it, why don't we strip the white paint off the brick fireplace." BIG MISTAKE! I don't understand why people paint brick in the first place, but here is a little advice: once it is painted, leave it that way. So now our quick little paint job and remodel has turned into a big long process and we are thinking about tearing the brick fireplace down and having a stone-work fireplace done. We have also decided that since we aren't "with child" yet, we might as well take a vacation. We booked a trip to Los Angeles and San Diego next month. It is great to have that to look forward to.

Sorry again that I didn't post for so long. I will be better about it, I promise!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Sorry for the long wait, but we were tricked...and what a dirty trick it was. You see, normally my wife is able to tell a few days before her period that she is probably going to start. She usually has some early cramps and whatnot, but this month there was none of that. Everything was going great and we were thinking this was the real thing, but the damn period came. So now we are preparing for yet another long month and another try at the artificial insemination. We are also going to try the OV Watch. Some good friends let us borrow the watch because it worked for them on the first month!!! Basically, it is a watch that has sensors that touch the skin and determine ovulation based on ions in the skin's least that is what I understood of the instruction booklet. My wife will wear it every night when she sleeps and it will tell us 4 days in advance when she will ovulate. We think she is ovulating around day 17 or 18 and not on day 14. Hopefully this will be able to help us pinpoint ovulation.

And how could I possibly end this blog without mentioning how excited I am for another month of Clomid...whoopdeee freakin doo!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Waiting sucks

I decided waiting sucks...for everything in life, waiting sucks! This long period of time in which we just have to wait and see if we are pregnant is not fun at all, and by not fun at all, I mean it sucks. Think about it...waiting for a table at a restaurant, waiting for the bus, waiting for work to end, waiting for recess, waiting for your ship to come in, waiting for your slow internet connection to load, waiting on hold, waiting for the first sign of summer, waiting for the first snow, waiting for the paint to dry, waiting for your food to digest before you swim, waiting for the next episode of Grey's Anatomy, waiting to open Christmas presents, waiting for a stall to be available in the bathroom when you really have to go, any place that has a "waiting room", they are all crap. So as you can see we are still waiting to see if this is our lucky month.