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Monday, April 7, 2008

Sweet baby boy!

Well the little guy is 10 days old and what a joy he is in our lives!! We can't get over the fact that we could spend all day long just staring at him. The first few days home from the hospital we hardly slept at all. Every time he would make a little noise we would check to see that he was ok, every time he wouldn't make noise for a few mins we would check to see if he was ok. Now, we have started to get more sleep and we have started to decipher which noises mean he needs us and which ones are just nothing. He has been such a good baby so far and doesn't cry much unless he is hungry or having his clothes or diaper changed. He is a good little eater and is already starting to fill out a little more. Well,I gotta run...apparently it is my turn to change his diaper!!


kjames106 said...

Oh my! What a sweet angel! Those first couple of months all you do is stare at him. It is just such a miracle. Man, what a blessing!

lisalou said...

Congratulations! Wow the time does fly in the third trimester. The last time I checked in you were painting the baby room!

Congratulations again. To all three of you!