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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Sorry for the long wait, but we were tricked...and what a dirty trick it was. You see, normally my wife is able to tell a few days before her period that she is probably going to start. She usually has some early cramps and whatnot, but this month there was none of that. Everything was going great and we were thinking this was the real thing, but the damn period came. So now we are preparing for yet another long month and another try at the artificial insemination. We are also going to try the OV Watch. Some good friends let us borrow the watch because it worked for them on the first month!!! Basically, it is a watch that has sensors that touch the skin and determine ovulation based on ions in the skin's least that is what I understood of the instruction booklet. My wife will wear it every night when she sleeps and it will tell us 4 days in advance when she will ovulate. We think she is ovulating around day 17 or 18 and not on day 14. Hopefully this will be able to help us pinpoint ovulation.

And how could I possibly end this blog without mentioning how excited I am for another month of Clomid...whoopdeee freakin doo!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that it didn't work. But I have a question for you. Didn't Your RE check when your wife was ovulating? I thought that when you do Artifical Insemination the RE knows for sure through u/s or bloodwork that the women is about to ovulate and then they check the next day to make sure that she ovulated for sure.

lisalou said...

LAME! I was rooting for you two! Ugh...If I don't get pregers by April I'm starting Clomid too. I've already started apologizing to my husband for my future bad behaviour.

Anonymous said...

That sucks! Sorry to hear that. Yea, your doc should have checked ovulation. I hope next month is it!! I am rooting for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I can empathize with you. I am from the Trying to Conceive discussion board and I remember when you posted because we had our IUI's done around the same day (Feb. 23rd).

My RE didn't do the procedure correctly and it resulted in a failed IUI.

We just went through our 2nd IUI and I am 2dpIUI now. Crossing my fingers that this one is the answer.

I hope your vacation and next cycle works out for you.

Sally (sayersgirl on ttc main board)