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Friday, April 20, 2007


So the HSG is over, thank goodness!! The tubes looked fine with no clogs, according to the Radiologist. He is going to send the x-ray pics off to our reproduction specialist for further observation. As many of you commented, the procedure was not fun and my wife did have some pretty bad cramping afterword. My wife was really nervous about going in and I was doing my best to keep her calm. It didn't make things any better that when we were waiting for the procedure another patient in the waiting room looked over at us and said, "Welcome to Hell." Maybe this is the new waiting room greeting and I am just not up to date on things.

The procedure itself was amazing to watch on the X-ray machine. We actually watched the dye work its way through the fallopian tubes. I was in awe and thought it was way cool. My wife, however, was spread eagle on the table with a catheter shooting dye up her tubes. So needless to say, she didn't find it quite as amazing as I did, although after it was all over with she did say it was cool to watch. The doctor told us that the process is kind of like an oil change and everything has been flushed out. He feels that chances of conceiving are a little higher for the next couple months even though there is no real sound evidence of that. I must say, I liked his optimism!

Well, we are heading out of town tomorrow. We will be back on Thursday and I will post then. Thanks for all the comments!!! It is so encouraging to have others out there who know what this is like. It is also great to have the wife took some pain pills before the HSG and that helped out a ton!!!


lisalou said...

Yay for your oil change!

Lexie Ann said...

I actually conceived after my HSG with no help expect from ov-watch so I knew when I was ovulating. I also know a couple of others who have gotten pregnant after this. Good luck to you.