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Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Real Specialist

So we finally decided to bite the bullet and go see a real specialist. The last one we went to wasn't really a reproductive specialist, he was just an OBGYN that offered limited fertility procedures. The visit was informative, but a lot of what the doc told us we already knew about thanks to the internet. The doc is taking my wife off Clomid for a little while, so we are both happy about that. I had read a lot of info that you shouldn't use Clomid for more than six months and we just finished our seventh!! So this month we really just get to relax, plus we leave on vacation in about a week so we are both excited for the break!!

As far as the next step in the trying to conceive area, I am going in for another semen analysis (just to verify that my numbers are as awesome as they were before, hahaha). My wife will be going in for a Hysterosalpingogram or HSG (thank goodness they have an abbreviation because I never want to try and type that word again, I can't even pronounce it!) This is the process of injecting a dye into the fallopian tubes to make sure there is no blockage. My wife is also going to have her thyroid checked to make sure that isn't the issue. After these procedures we will have another get together with the specialist to determine where we go from there. Our options are pretty much Clomid and Artificial Insemination, Injectables and Artificial Insemination, and then worst case scenario In-Vitro Fertilization.

So needless to say, we would love to be one of those stories where we finally stop the Clomid and get pregnant this month and then never have to worry about going through all of that other crap!!! At least that is what I am shooting for.


Chili said...

Glad to hear your new specialist is moving things forward for you! Good luck!

Miles said...

I saw your blog on a site you vented on! I have got to say its nice to read what a man thinks, I hope your relaxing works for both of you.

Anonymous said...

I've had an HSG before, they're not fun! Make sure your wife takes some ibuprofen ahead of time, it will take the edge off. I didn't and I was pretty much incompacitated from pain the rest of the day. :(

Good Luck to you!

from JustMommies

nancy said...

agreed on your wife taking ibuprofen about 30 minutes before HSG, and then again right after.

and LMAO @ your "shooting for" comment!!

Good luck...thinking of you.

Sandra said...

Hey! I also saw your blog on a site that you were on. Anyway, I wish you and your wife all the luck!

lisalou said...

I am wishing you two all the best. The HSG really sucks and yout wife will be needing some extra love on that day. It can be quite painful, but only for a few moments. It mostly the idea of something be shoved into your hoo hoo that sucks. However, there are stories of increased fertility after said procedure... having something to do with the oils in the dyes.

Anonymous said...

hey!i ve gone through HSG and it s not pleasent!my tubed are not blocked,and now am waiting to be called for artificial i guess we are more or less in the same boat!
good luck!

girl said...

Here is to hopin!