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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Trying for a Boy or Trying for a Girl

One of the questions that I get a lot of when I tell people that we are having a boy is, "is that what you wanted?" My typical response is "We wanted a baby!" You see we didn't really care one way or the other what sex the baby is just as long as it doesn't come out a monkey or roasted chicken.

My wife and I plan on having more than one child. So now that we are having a boy, I can say that for the next one we will "try for a girl" if that is possible. I have read up on all the voodoo ideas on how to try for a boy or try for a girl. I can't say that I believe it is true, but what the heck, might as well try it anyways. Since it took us a while to conceive this first one, we didn't really "try" for one sex or the other. To be honest, we had given up on tracking ovulation and all of that because we were just so sick of it consuming our lives, so we don't really even know when we conceived. So how does a couple "try" for a particular sex?? Well, here is some of the info I have found:

Trying for a girl
1. Have intercourse 3-4 days before ovulation
2. Use the missionary position
3. The woman shouldn't have an orgasm
4. Use an acidic douche (make sure you read up on this because there are very specific instructions on what to use)

Trying for a boy
1. Have intercourse 2 days or less from ovulation
2. Use rear entry (doggy style) position
3. The woman should reach orgasm
4. Use alkaline douche (make sure to read up on this because there are very specific instructions on what to use)
5. Man should drink coffee right before sex

Well that is just a few of the most popular things I found about trying for a boy/girl. You can find a whole lot more if you research the topic. If you happen to want to try for a monkey, I recommend eating a lot of bananas right before sex, but don't take my word for it.

P.S. If any of you that read this have tried any of these things or have your own ideas, please comment!!


Anonymous said...

I hate to be the science geek but its not really possible to "try" for either sex. It actually all depends on the man. All eggs that a woman carries are X. Sperm are either X or Y. So if an X sperm gets there first then XX its a girl. If a Y sperm gets there first then XY its a boy. I believe there is an in vitro method involving separating sperm with centrifigal forces (X sperm are heavier) and only using the sperm that the couple wants.

But you don't have to take my word for it (Thanks LaVar)

Genevieve said...

If you notice, the whole "have an orgasm for a boy but not for a girl" seems a little bit like old-school thinking to me. And like the person before me said, you either give an X or a Y and your wife gives another X. That's the only way it goes. But your doctor might tell you something else -- and hey, if he/she does, go with it. :-) Congrats congrats!

Anonymous said...

How can you call yourself a science geek? There is a greater chance of having a boy if you have intercourse less than 2 days before ovulation because the y sperms are quicker and will reach the egg faster. This has been scientifically proven decades ago.

Anonymous said...

Making sure the woman has an orgasm is not old-school thinking. When a woman has an orgasm, it makes the environment which the sperm has to travel more alkaline. It has been scientifically proven that y sperm travel better in alkaline conditions opposed to acidic conditions. Hence, give your girl an orgasm before you have one.