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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Baby Lullabies

The wife and I went out baby shopping yesterday. We were looking for baby furniture, which I must say is hard to pick out and pretty freakin expensive. We have looked online a lot, but it is hard to get a good idea of what the items look like when all you can see is some 3 inch picture. After much searching, we found a line of furniture we both like a lot called Capretti. From what we saw and what I have been able to find online, it looks to be a pretty nice and reliable company.

Although the day was supposed to be about baby furniture, I found something that I thought was super cool and had to buy. It is a CD that has instrumental lullaby versions of Green Day songs. We listened to it in the car as we drove around and it is great!! After we got home I looked up the company online and found out that they have a whole collection of these CDs
(Nirvana, Tool, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys,Bob Marley, Coldplay, etc.). If you are interested in buying any of these, or just checking them out you can visit the Rockabye Baby Website . I know I will be buying more of them soon!!!

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