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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pregnancy Itching

The wife has developed an itchy rash on her legs. We called the doctor a few times and he said it is not much to be worried about. He said to try Calamine lotion and if it gets really bad, then she can take a benadryl. I have been doing a lot of reading on the Internet and it sounds like it might be a condition called PUPPP. PUPPP is a rash developed during pregnancy that is really annoying, but of no harm to mommy or baby. There is another more serious condition that can have itching called Cholestasis. It apparently has to do with something about the bile in the body not being able to flow regularly through the gallbladder. This itching is more commonly on the hands and feet (which my wife doesn't have). It can also be accompanied by dark or unusual colored urine or jaundice in the skin tone. So luckily it doesn't sound like this is the culprit behind my wife's rash. The rash has started to calm down over the past few days so we are hoping it just kind of fades away.

Only 3 months to go before baby comes!!! We can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I felt like I was reading my words....we are 35 weeks and the wife is having severe itching all over, no rashes though! This comes on as soon as she lies down. I am worried about bile salts and OC. Did you end up trying benadryl tablets at all?

Yoda said "Lack of sleep due to itching irritable makes a pregnant woman very, very ".

Good luck with your baby!