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Monday, December 3, 2007

Pimping Out Your Baby

The past few weeks we have been doing lots of baby gear shopping. I knew that babies needed lots of stuff, I just had no idea how much of it was out there. I am starting to think that MTV should make a show called "Pimp My Baby." Of course there are the necessities, stroller, car seats, crib, etc. But there is a whole lot of, dare I say "crap," out there that isn't necessary at all, but we buy it anyway. For example, I recently saw "Bling Bling" Binkies that are studded with jewels. Luckily for me, we are having a boy and the jeweled Binky thing was a little feminine. But that is only one example of the multi-million dollar baby gear market. Even the necessary items are pretty crazy. Strollers are a lot like cars, you can get a basic $80-120 "pinto" model with no extras or you can pay $1000 or more for the "hummer" model that has drink cup holders, hydraulic brakes, off road tires, etc. I mean it is pretty sad that my infant will have a more expensive bedroom set than my wife and I. I guess this is whole "forking over the money" is just preparing me for what it will be like for the next 20 years.


Berrybritt said...

Couple of questions. Did you just get pregnant or do you think one thing you tried really worked? What about the Ov watch? We have always been able to get pregnant on the first try but this will be our fourth child and no luck for five months. I just wondered if one thing worked for you. Thanks for your info!

Me Want Baby! said...

Honestly nothing we tried really worked. The OV watched worked for my sister and her husband, but not for us. We tried tracking basal temperature and using ovulation pee strips and those didn't really help much either. Luckily it just sort of happened on its own. Good luck and thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Tom Coffee said...

Ran across your blog and wanted to give you a congratulations! It's a fun and thoroughly exasperating experience... If you need a break during this pregnancy stuff you can give your unborn child a little bling.