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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baby Room

Today I painted the baby room. I feel like we are finishing the room in plenty of time, but we have talked to a lot of other couples that are about the same due date as us and it seems like everyone else has already finished their rooms. We decided to paint the room a creamy yellow color and paint the base boards and crown moulding a pastel blue (I will post pics when it is finished). With all the work I have been doing on the baby room, I decided to buy myself a Nintendo Wii. I knew it would be fun for me, but I had no idea how much my wife would like it. Every night we play tennis or baseball against each other...and it is sad to say that we are sore due to all our Wii playing.

We also started our labor and delivery classes last week. I feel as though I have read all there is to know about pregnancy and delivery, but the class definitely had information that I hadn't read or thought about. We have 5 more classes and I am looking forward to all of them!


George said...

I remember those birth classes. Kinda boring but very helpful. Make sure you get a tour of the hospital; So during the big day, you know exactly where to bring your wife.

BellyBug said...

I feel like we are so behind on our baby room... We haven't even found a color we like for the walls yet! Can't wait to see the pictures. Bella

kjames106 said...

We LOVED our birth classes! I can't wait to see pics of the room! I can't wait for pics of that new baby. You are going feel a love that you have never felt before! I need an update on the lady and the baby!