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Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby Room Pics (So far)

Well I finally have some pics of the baby room. We are still waiting on our glider chair and bedding, but here is what has been done so far. We absolutely love our baby furniture and can't wait to decorate more with pictures, books, etc. The crib is beautiful, but was quite the pain to assemble, but I am sure that is the case with most cribs.

As for other things going on right now. My wife had her first baby shower. I can't tell you how great it is to get such nice gifts from family and friends!! We also finished our the last of our 6 labor and delivery classes. So we are now prepared and ready for this little guy to get here. This wednesday is the 33 week mark for us, so just 7 more weeks or possibly less!!! We can't wait!!!


kjames106 said...

I LOVE your baby furniture! That room is just like my husband and my taste. Thanks for the update!!

kjames106 said...

How is everything going in MeWantBaby-ville? Gettin' close!