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Monday, July 7, 2008

Blowout Diapers

The force at which poop comes out of a baby's bum has to be equivalent to hurricane winds. That is the only possible way to explain how the poop can possibly travel all the way up the baby's back and sometimes even onto his head! I had always heard about these so called "Blowouts" and for the first few month our little guy would maybe have a little poo come out the top of the diaper every now and then, but that was it. I figured that those were it and I didn't understand what the big fuss was about. Then, I experienced what I like to call a "Massive Blowout!!" It was unlike anything I had seen before, it was as if the poo had actually come out of the middle of his back somewhere. When a Massive Blowout occurs, I often wonder what purpose the diaper even had because it sure as hell didn't catch any of the poop. These often occur around 3 in the morning and I sometimes wonder if Ashton Kutcher snuck in and removed the diaper and then after the poo he snuck it back on and after I come in and realize that poo is everywhere Ashton will jump out of the closet and yell, "You just got Punked!" To top it all off, the poo stains everything it touches. The mustardy green color is so appealing!! We have a nice collection of poo tainted baby clothes. So if anyone has the secret formula to remove these stains, we would much appreciate it.


kjames106 said...

No secret formula to remove the stains that I know of!
Blowouts are fun. One night my hubby was changing a blow out and he started yelling for me to come in there. When I went in, he said "LOOK AT THIS!" He wiped Luke's booty, but NOTHING was on the wipe. I mean the wipe was white as snow, but the diaper was full of poopy. Now, tell me how THAT happens? Those babies have magical powers!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
We have a 7 week old little guy and have found that nothing takes that spinach green out of diaper covers, onsies, etc. like hanging them in the sun. It's weird I know, but after washing the clothes w/ or w/o stain remover the green/gold color is still there. But after a few hours in the sun, it's gone.

The Sturgills said...

There's also something called Totally Toddler that you can get at Babies R Us. It works wonders! It even gets stains out of the carpet (you know... when you don't use a changing pad b/c you think you can change them 'just this one time' without one and be super quick and then they pee all over you anyway)!

Kelly said...

I use Totally Toddler and Oxyclean together.

Anonymous said...

Greased Lightening is AMAZING on baby stains...from poo to baby food!