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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Never ask a woman if she is pregnant, unless you are 100% sure!

There are a lot of things you learn in life. Sometimes you learn by mistake and sometimes you learn from other people's mistakes. Luckily for me, I have never been the one making this crucial mistake, you know, the one where you asks a woman if she is pregnant and she isn't. There is nothing more awkward than being in this situation. The result, is now you have a woman who is thinking she is fat and even worse, she is thinking of how she wants to kill you. I mean talk about giving a person a complex. This poor woman will be stressed for weeks and will go around telling everyone about the prick that had the nerve to ask her if she is pregnant. The simple lesson one must learn is that all you have to do is wait until the woman herself, brings up the fact that she is pregnant. Remember you can never be too sure. I could be standing next to a woman who is nine months along and ready to pop, and all of the sudden her water breaks, and I am still not going to say anything about her being pregnant until she sparks up the topic. So unless you want to be fiercly kicked in the nuts or put on some lady's hit list, I suggest you take my simple advice.

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