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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I hate periods, period!

So the period started, dang it, yet another month goes by and my wife isn't pregnant. I used to dread when she had "that time of the month" because of the PMS that came along with it. I must also add that the late night trips to the grocery store to pick up Tampons and ice cream aren't all that fun either. Now, however, I dread "that time of the month" because with each period it just means that there is no baby! It also means another month of Clomid, which is kind of like PMS on steroids, and yet another trip to the grocery store. This leads me to conclude that there is absolutely nothing good about periods. Men hate them, women hate them, in fact I think the only two people who love periods are the CEO's of Midol and Tampax.

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