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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Shopping For The Baby We Don't Even Have Yet

What is with you women and shopping for babies? You girls go is as if there is a chemical in your brain that triggers when you see those little outfits and you go into a trance that can't be broken. Even more strange than that are the women, like my wife, that shop for baby stuff and don't even have a child yet! It completely baffles me! We can't go to a mall anymore without stopping in some baby store to look at the clothes my wife wants to buy for our unborn child. That is when I turn into the "bad guy" because I won't let her buy anything. In reality we men are just doing you women a favor. You see I am the one that realizes that if we buy these clothes now, then by the time the child actually comes they will be out of style and my wife will refuse to put outdated clothes on our new baby. I think men around the world need to retaliate and start going to pet stores to buy collars and leashes for the dogs that we don't own or maybe start shopping for accessories for the motorcylces we don't/can't have.

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