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Monday, June 9, 2008

2 Month Old Baby

So we are just over the 2 month mark and the little guy is growing strong. He was 65% in weight, 35% in height, and 84% in head circumference. We have ourselves a short chubby boy with a big head...just like dad! We are in a much better sleeping routine these days. We still have the baby sleeping in a co-sleeper in our room, but we are trying to start putting him in his crib at night. I think that he likes his crib a lot, but we are the ones that are having a hard time not having him in the room with us.

The little guy is super active these days. He loves to kick his legs and punch his arms and only lies still if he is tired and ready for a nap. He is smiling and cooing more than ever and we love it. We are still working on tummy time with him because due to the size of his head, he has a little bit of a tough time holding it up, but he is getting better. We are still amazed at how much growth occured in just 2 months, thank goodness for cameras so that we can capture all of these precious moments.

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MyUtopia said...

My son is also 2 months. He is tall (75%) though with a small head (10%)