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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Breast Milk

Last Tuesday, I decided breast milk is as precious as gold. Tuesdays are the day I get to stay home with the little guy and my wife goes to work. I, of course, can't produce breast milk and therefore, every time the baby gets hungry I have to have the stuff around. I carefully take some out of the fridge and pour it ever so delicately into the bottle, not wanting to spill any of this precious substance. If I have to go anywhere, I have to pack some of the liquid gold around with me in a cooler. And to make things even more difficult, I have to be able to quickly find a place to warm up the bottle when the little guy gets hungry. It is times like these when I wish I could just take off my shirt and breast feed the baby. I think my wife wishes I could too. It would definitely help her out during the late night feedings and she also wouldn't have to feel like an oil well, pumping out the stuff everyday to keep the stock up.

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The Sturgills said...

Hi. Blog-stalker here. I just wanted to say that you know it's like gold when you accidentally spill some, or worse, leave your pumped milk out when you get home from work, and then have to DUMP. IT. OUT.

It sucks.