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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Computer Rage

I don't know if computer rage is a term yet, but if not I am going to start it up. It is kind of like Road Rage, but instead of being mad at another driver, you are really pissed and cussing at the computer. My wife started this because her Sims game wasn't working. My wife is addicted to the Sims. For those of you who don't know about the Sims, it is basically a game where you create people and then lead them throughout life, building them houses, getting them married, having kids, etc. My wife is really into getting all of her sims pregnant right now. I guess she figures it is the next best thing to having one of her own. Anyways, the game kept freezing up on her and I knew each time it happened because of her computer rage (I am surprised the computer survived, because clomid and computer rage don't mix well). So we decided to take our computer in to be looked at by a tech pro. Of course when he hooked it up it worked fine and never froze. So we took it home and fired it up and within minutes it froze on us again...once again my wife's computer rage came out. To top it off, our internet wouldn't my rage was starting to happen. So we both sat in front of the stupid thing cussing. I finally got the internet up today so I apologize about the length between posts.

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