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Friday, January 26, 2007

Ovulation Predictor

So we are going back to the pee-strip tests to try and pinpoint ovulation. The Clomid is supposed to make it so that ovulation occurs 5-8 days after taking the last pill. That is the info that we have been going off of and obviously it hasn't been working yet. My sister and her husband bought the ovulation watch, so far they said it seems to work well. I have decided that I should probably invent an ovulation predictor. What I am thinking is that I will just add it on to the features of cell phones. Most cell phones these days are not only phones, but radios, internet tools, cameras, MP3 players, video cameras, personal schedulers, etc. So why not just add ovulation predictor to the list. I think it will work...just as long as you don't have to pee on it.

The anticipation building up to go see the specialist is killing can't come soon enough. We are both curious to find out more about our situation.

To see reviews and feedback on different types of ovulation predictors at Here


Anonymous said...

Is you wife temp charting? That REALLY REALLY helped me. And it was fun to put it on and see what they say about when I ovulated. You should try it!

lisalou said...

I'd buy your phone!

Lynn said...

Hang in there! Check out if you need a little extra positivity during your ttc journey.

Best wishes and baby dust!