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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Round Five...Ding!

I know I said my wife swore off the clomid, and as much as I would like that to be true, our options are limited and she doesn't really have a let round five begin. The only benefit to my wife being on round five of clomid, is that she now knows the side effects all too well and can somewhat control them. She can feel the inner Godzilla and tame the beast. She can sense the hot flashes and adjust accordingly. The random gagging is about the only thing she can't seem to control, but we have really gotten used to it. It would be like having hiccups for months, at first you are like, "what the hell?", but then you get used to it and it just becomes a part of everyday life.

We have decided to schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist to further investigate our options. It is exciting and yet sucks at the same time. Naturally, we don't want to have to get into artificial insemination or fertility shots, etc. We would like to just get pregnant already and avoid all of that crap, but we also want to know what it will take to get pregnant if we keep having problems. So I will keep you updated on what we find out!


James'Girl said...

Hi! I see you on the babies boards too. I just wanted to let you know from a fellow clomid user to another, it didn't work for me at all. I didn't even ovulate at all. I am not sure if you wife has. Well, anyway, I went to a specialist and he switched me to Femara (the miracle worker) b/c for me, it took one double dose of Femara and I got pregnant. AND you can do unlimited amounts of Femara. With clomid I had already done 3 cycles and was very upset that none had worked b/c you can do up to 6 cycles safely. I really recommend that you talk to your doc about it. It was wonderful and NO side effects at all. It's a little more expensive on my insurance ($45), but very much worth it!!
Good luck! Can't wait to see an update or a BFP for you wifey!

lisalou said...

I'm rooting for you! We just started Metformin and I may need clomid too. I can't wait to have an excuse for my inner Godzilla.