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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Artificial Insemination

Well, I discovered that there are some benefits and disadvantages to having artificial insemination on a Sunday. The big benefit was that the clinic was technically closed and so it was only us and the doc, so my worries of having my semen sample mixed up with someone else's was solved. When the doc called us to tell us to meet him, it was kind of like a drug deal conversation...He said, "Meet me in the east parking lot at 5:45." He showed up a little late and apologized, he had been out skiing all day and didn't know exactly how long it would take him to get to the office. I could just picture him up on the slopes saying to his friends, "Well, this is going to be my last run for the day. I have to head to the office and inseminate a client really quick before heading home for dinner." We entered the clinic and that is when we discovered the big disadvantage. They don't keep the heat on during the weekends and it was freezing inside. So my poor wife had to lay on a cold bed in a cold room with no pants on. The actual insemination process was super quick and easy...I really think it could be done at home! So, now it is just a waiting game again. I will keep you all updated!


lisalou said...

Good luck with the insemination! I am excited for you two! Also, I know how you feel about the best friends being pregant. My bestest friend (I've kknown her 20 years) announced her pregnancy last month. I hope it our turns soon.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!! Please update us! I come here everyday to see what the update is!!!

James said...

Best wishes! Man keep your work really up. List of hospital in Turkey offering Artificial Insemination