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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day Dinner

Last night my wife and I went out for a nice romantic Valentine's Dinner. We ate things that I couldn't pronounce and often felt bad for eating because they looked so pretty on the plate. It was a wonderful five course meal and we enjoyed every bite!

Now, earlier that day my wife took her first Clomid pill for the month, so I was a little worried about the side effects kicking in during dinner. There was one close call when my wife saw another couple sitting near us and the woman was pregnant. My wife said she desperately wished she was pregnant and I could see that her tear ducts were just about ready to burst. I quietly told her, "Please don't cry. If people look over here and you are crying and aren't holding some small box full of expensive jewelry or something like that, than they are going to think I made you upset on Valentine's day and I am a real ass." I realize that wasn't the most sympathetic thing to say, but it seemed to work!

During dinner we talked about how not having a baby made it easy to go out and have such a nice long romantic evening. The funny thing is that we are really hoping that next Valentine's Day will be spent at home changing dirty diapers and eating a heart-shaped pizza!!

1 comment:

lisalou said...

Us too! About the diapers and Pizza.