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Monday, February 5, 2007

Back when I was just a sperm

Superbowl weekend allowed me to kick back and do some testosterone filled activities, you know, sitting around yelling at the TV every time the Bears fumbled the damn ball. It also allowed my wife to go out for an estrogen filled day with my mom and sister, you know, shopping and going to a chick flick. All of this male and female hormone stuff got me thinking about a persons perception of themselves before conception (say that three times fast). I asked my wife last night if she ever thought about her existence prior to being a baby. What I mean is did she ever think back when she was just a little sperm? "No, she said, I was a little egg!" This was exactly the the answer I thought I would get. She argued that the egg houses the child and therefore, is the root of existence. I argued that the sperm determined the sex of a child and therefore, is what makes us who we are today. So we argued back and forth for a while about who was right, of course neither of us could be right because it takes both a sperm and egg equally, but it was fun anyway!


lisalou said...

I thought it was the stork who brought us...humm...maybe that's why I'm not pregnant.

Anonymous said...

I love your artwork!