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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Frustrations with Health Insurance

Both my wife and I are hairstylists. We both really love what we do, however, it is a job that comes with a few downsides (other than dealing with picky customers and standing all day! lol). One of the biggest downsides is that there is no health insurance and no retirement funds or 401K's. We have an individual family plan that we thought covered most things, but when it comes to having a baby they pretty much leave you hanging out to dry! All of the plans in the state we live in have a mandatory $5,000 maternity deductible, which basically means they don't pay for any of it. I couldn't believe it, what a bunch of crap. I am paying this company on a monthly basis and we hardly use them as is, but then when we really need it we get screwed. It is times like these when I think that some of the other countries around the world are doing things right by offering national health care.

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