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Friday, November 17, 2006

My wife is a fainter

My wifey and I went to the doctor yesterday to have her blood taken to see if she ovulated this month. This sounds like a pretty simple task, the only problem is my wife is a fainter. Yep, that's right, the needle comes out and she goes down! The past two times she has gone in, I haven't been there, and she somehow miraculously made it through both times without fainting. She was pretty sure that she had it down and was becoming a pro. So yesterday we went in and she seemed to be doing great. The nurse put the needle in my wife's arm and took her blood, she took the needle out and wrapped up her arm, it was done...or so I thought. My wife looked up at me and said she felt faint so I walked over to hold on to her and out she went. She came to seconds later and I got her calmed down while the nurse went to get some crackers and sprite. After we left the office my wife asked me if she did anything weird while she was out. I told her no and asked why. She told me that while she was out she had a dream that she was making "humping moves" into the air, kind of like when a drunk guy gets on the dance floor. She said she was worried that she had tried to hump the nurses leg! We laughed all the way home.

For any of you who also suffer from fainting due to needles. I came across a website dedicated to Needle Phobia.The site provides information on the medical condition, steps toward treatment, and stories from the many others who share this condition.

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