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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


So, we found out not too long ago that my wife was not ovulating. What a drag! We have been on a strict sex regiment for months (not that I am complaining), but it has been doing no good because without ovulation there is no chance of conception. My wife went into the doctor to see what options we have and he is recommending that my wife take a fertility drug called Clomid. The first thing that went through my head is, "great, now we are going to have quintuplets." The doctor told us that with Clomid, the chance of multiple births is only 8-10% higher than in normal circumstances and that if it is a multiple birth it is usually only twins. I guess two is better than none! I decided to do a little research on Clomid on the Internet. Many people seemed to have success on the drug, which was great to hear, but many women also complained of the side effects which were mostly pretty normal: headache, nausea, hot flashes, mood changes...wait what?...I began to get nervous. You see with my wife side effects of drugs are multiplied by like 10, so mood changes can be a bit more like Godzilla attacking New York.

My wife started the Clomid and things went pretty well at first. The hot flashes started to kick in. We would be riding in the car and she would turn on the AC full blast, even though it was only like 50 degrees outside. Usually I am the hot one, but this time it was me freezing and trying to turn off the AC when she wasn't looking. Towards the end of her taking the medicine the mood changes kicked in and she would go through big ups and downs. On one trip to Walmart she got upset with me, took my keys and left the store. I am pretty sure she was planning on just leaving me there.

All in all we are getting through it!! I joke around about a lot of what happens, but I really give my wife a ton of credit. She has been doing so well through all of this. It is an emotional roller coaster for the both of us and she is the one who has had to deal with taking medication and not feeling well. I love her so much and she is truly my hero for going through all of this and trying to stay as positive as possible!!!

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Anonymous said...

We just found out the same thing. Although not on Clomid yet still have to see an OBYN. Any luck since you posted this?