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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Why is it so easy for everyone else??

The frustration in conceiving a child all began when we didn't get pregnant the first try. Now I know that sounds bad and that it happens to a lot of people, but it just so happens that pretty much everyone around us was getting pregnant right and left, so naturally we thought that would be the case for us. So many of our friends had no problem getting pregnant.

My wife and I had been "practicing" for the big event for three years. I must say, most of the time practicing for something isn't too enjoyable, but when it comes to practicing for conception, that is not the case!! We really wanted to be on the ball about things, so a few months before we started trying my wife started to read books and research on the internet to find the best methods to have successful conception and all the different ways to track her ovulation.

Now, I didn't know much about this ovulation stuff so I decided to read into it as well. I soon found out that there are pretty much only three "very fertile" days in a whole month...three days??? thats it only three freaking days that our chances were really high. All of the times in the past when I worried about getting pregnant before we wanted to and now I find out that it is really pretty damn hard to actually get pregnant.

So, with all of our new knowledge about ovulation, we sent to the store to buy some ovulation prediction kits.

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