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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Remember, I am not Pregnant"

It is pretty depressing each month when we find out that we aren't pregnant. My wife has been trying hard to follow a specific diet for trying to conceive, so early on when she found out she wasn't pregnant each month, I would tell her to go ahead and indulge in the little things she enjoys (mainly coffee). This month we found out we weren't pregnant yet again, and of course we aren't too happy about that! Last night I got a phone call from my wife and she wanted to know if she could buy $100 pair of jeans. I barely had time to think about my answer when she said, in a very sad tone, "Remember, I am not pregnant!" How can I say no to that?! It seems as though these little things I told her to indulge in have started to get bigger and more expensive. I am getting worried now that if we aren't pregnant in a few months, the "little indulgence" will be the furniture set she has been wanting. A few months more and I will be buying her a new car.

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Whitney said...

Allow yourself some superstition and think of the indulgences as a way to envoke Murphy's Law. "If I buy tight jeans, surely I'll get pregnant the next month and never wear them." Things I have bought while trying to conceive to make this happen: Huge box of tampons, fitted jacket, tight jeans, ovulation kits to last multiple cycles, etc. What worked: Clomid and a lot of patience.

(It took us 15 months to get #1 and about 12 months to get #2)